© 2010 Booray Perry Photography (813) 728-7110  booray@boorayperry.com A professional portrait, or headshot, is more important now than at any time in the past.  The days of everyone having the same style of headshot are behind us.  Professional portraits are seen by more people in more places than ever before.  Your portrait is on your business card, your website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin... the list goes on. How important is your headshot or portrait? Consider this:  Most people will see a picture of you before they actually meet you.  They Google you, check your website or look you up on Facebook.  So, the real question is: How important are first impressions?  Every good business person knows the answer to that question! What makes us different? We approach a professional headshot like a portrait, not just some snapshot for the company newsletter.  We shoot on location for a more natural, organic feel but still use professional lighting to guarantee the best results.  Finally, your image is retouched by hand to ensure that you have never looked better. The end result?  You get a professional headshot portrait that looks casual and relaxed, open and friendly... and just happens to make you look fantastic! What if I need a lot of headshot portraits? That’s not a problem at all!  In addition to individual headshots, we can also do large groups.  We’re completely mobile and can set up a mini studio at your location to photograph your entire staff if needed. But I need a lot of picture for my website... Architecture, details, interiors, “at work” images and of course headshot portraits can all be done in one session.  Everything you need for your website, documents, marketing materials and social media can be done by us, usually in just a few hours.  Images are provided full-size and hi-rez on a disc with full copyright release for use in any way you wish. What’s a good headshot portrait worth? It’s priceless when you consider how important it is but we start at just $250.  Contact us to schedule a session.  (813) 728-7110 or booray@boorayperry.com Booray Perry Photography Booray Perry is an award winning, published photographer in Tampa Bay, FL where he photographs  weddings, events and family portraits for his company and as principal photographer for Perfect Florida Beach Wedding.  Please visit his website at www.boorayperry.com to see a wide selection of his work. Your headshot is your first impression  Don’t treat your headshot as a necessary evil.  Treat it like an opportunity!  A great photograph means a great first impression. Make your’s count! What About Facebook? Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+...  Social media has become the most important marketing tool in a generation.  Your presence on these sites reflects on your business every day.  It’s important that the first impression a person gets of you and your business is a positive one.. “Your portrait is like a handshake, smile and power suit all rolled into one.” The great thing about social media is that we get to choose how we present ourselves to the world.  What will it be? A grainy snapshot taken by a co-worker?  A boring, flat headshot that looks like it belongs on the wall at a grocery store in 1973? Or, a vibrant, stylish portrait that looks relaxed, modern and confident. The choice is yours. Professional Portrait Headshots That Make You Look Your Very Best! Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Earnest Graham in his recording studio  Studio 34