Replacing the background on a professional headshot can be tricky if it’s not done right. Fortunately, Booray Perry Photography does it all the time.

Why Replace a Headshot Background

There are several reasons you might want to replace the background on your professional headshot. The most common reason that I see is that they want to match the headshot to others that have been done at other locations. For example, Conviva has a specific look that they request for all there headshots based on what was done by a different photographer. I travel all over photographing the staff at their clinics and then I replace the background to their specifications

Another common reason is that the client wants a unique background that isn’t available at their location. For example, when I did Abrahamson and Uiterwyk they wanted a variety of styles so we selected from several options:

All of these were shot on location at the office, then I remove and replace the background with something you’ve chosen. It’s a great way to get unique and vibrant headshots without ever leaving your office!