What Size Headshot Do You Need?

What’s the Best Headshot Size?

This is a tricky question because when someone says “size” to a photographer, we tend to think of the file size, not the print size. In other words, how many megapixels are in the file. That size determines how big you can print the image and how big it will display on your computer screen. The best size for a professional headshot is “as big as it gets” because once you have a big file, you can re-size it to any size you need for it’s intended purpose.

The Best Headshot Size for Printing

When it comes to printing, the file can’t really be too big. The general rule is that you want at least 300 pixels for every inch you print. So, of you want to print something that is three inch’s wide, the file needs to be at least 900 pixels wide to get the best results. Some labs only require 240 pixels per inch but no one requires more than 300 so that’s become the default standard. Some photographers deliver files that are exactly 2400×3000 pixels which is an 8×10 print at 300 pixels per inch. I deliver the full-size completed file which can vary in size due to cropping but it always at least big enough to print an 8×10.

The Best Headshot Size for Online Viewing

Here’s where it get’s more tricky. If you want to know the best headshot size for viewing your portrait online it really depends on the screen the image will be viewed with and how big it will be on that screen.

For example, my computer screen is 1920 pixels wide, so if I wanted to view an image on my screen and have it take up the whole area it would need to be 1920 pixels wide or else it would start to get blurry. The computer would show the image at a size larger than 100% and that “stretching” would hurt the image.

But no one ever looks at an image like that. Your headshot goes on a website or a social media site and even if you are looking at the website on your entire screen, the image doesn’t take up the entire screen. I have my headshot in all my emails and I’ll bet it’s never seen any larger than 200×100 pixels.

The image can be bigger than you need it to be with no change in how it looks, it just can’t be smaller then it needs to be. An image that is 1000 pixels across looks just fine in a 100 pixel space but horrible in a 2000 pixel space.

So why not just use the biggest headshot possible all the time? Because the bigger it is the longer it takes to load and it slows down your website if the image is three times as large as it needs to be. Furthermore, websites like Facebook have a compression routine built in that will reduce the size of your image to speed things up. The more it has to compress, the more likely your image is affected. Here are a couple of the optimal sizes for online:

Facebook Post – 1200×628

Facebook profile Picture – 360×360

Linkedin Headshot – 400×400

Most image viewers will have a “resize” option in the file menu that will let you change the pixel count on your image.

What’s the Best Crop For Headshots

Now it get’s interesting. We know what size the headshot should be to print it or post it online but how should it be cropped? There are a million ways to crop an image, which one is best for a headshot?

Let’s start with examining how we shoot the image to begin with. Most headshots are displayed in a vertical format. I tend to think of this as “traditional.”

Headshot Photographer Tampa
Traditional 8×10 crop

So you would expect me to shoot the same way, right? Nope. I shoot like this:

Headshot Photographer Tampa
This is the image exactly as I shot it…

The reason is simple: Variety. When you shoot in a horizontal crop, you can then create whatever crop you need for the final image. You can do traditional 4×5:

Headshot Photographer Tampa

Traditional 2×3:

Headshot Photographer Tampa


Headshot Photographer Tampa

1×1 (square):

Headshot Photographer Tampa

…and you can also do my personal favorite, a modern horizontal 3×2:

Headshot Photographer Tampa

A modern, professional camera captures images that are so big you can cut away a sizable amount and still have an image that is big enough to do whatever you need. This is why I shoot in a horizontal (wide) format… so I can then do whatever I want with the file, depending on the client’s needs.

By the way, if you are wondering, each of these horizontal images is 600 wide. The vertical ones are 400 tall. I’ve just found over the years that is a decent size for my blog posts.

When you hire me to shoot your headshot, don’t be surprised when you are selecting your image to see this big, wide crop. That’s just so we have plenty to work with. Once you have that, you can do anything!

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Here’s how you can get any background you want for your business headshots!

Getting Consistent Head shots at Multiple Locations

One of the challenges of having multiple locations for your business is having professional head shots and portraits that look the same regardless of where they were done. There are a couple of ways that you can make this happen.

Photograph your headshots all at once

This is probably most popular with companies that are very large and spread out across multiple states. If you have a sales conference or retreat for your staff, bring in a professional head shot photographer and have them photograph everyone. Usually, these events include some sort of formal occasion and that’s a perfect chance to get everyone looking their best. Or, if your desire is for something more casual and fitting with actual day-to-day operation, just do them in the morning before meetings begin… or during lunchtime. A good head shot photographer should be able to do hundreds of people a day. I’ve set up at national conventions and photographed huge numbers of people very quickly and it negates the need for scheduling.

Head shots from a Tampa Conference
These were all done at a conference during lunch.

Send employees to a central studio

If you have multiple offices in the same city, pick a good studio and send everyone there. You’ll always have consistent head shots that way. It also is usually less expensive than option #3:

Use a location head shot photographer who can be consistent

This is the hardest to do but works great provided you get a good location head shot photographer. What does that mean? Well, it means that you need someone who can go into any office and do head shots that will match the ones done in every other location. Not only do they need to be able to match their own work, they also need to be able to match someone else’s. I frequently am given a head shot done by another photographer and told to match it. It can be daunting but a good photographer can pull it off. Often it means changing the background to match what was previously done.

Sometimes you have to be able to produce the same image at multiple locations

This enables you to get consistent results at multiple locations. These head shots were done in 4 different locations on 2 different days!

Regardless of what method works best for you, be sure that you get a good, reputable head shot photographer in the Tampa area if you want quality, professional head shots. You’ll be glad you did when you see the results.

Palm Harbor Headshots

I’ve been doing Palm Harbor headshots for Angius and Terry Attorneys for a long time. I didn’t do all the headshots on their website but I did quite a few. Whenever they hire a new associate, if they don’t already have a headshot, they send them to me.

One of the great conveniences of having the same person do your headshots is that you get consistency for years. We can replicate the same look for each new employee if needed so that you have a consistent look and feel to your website. I recently had to reproduce a location image in my studio and if you looked at that website now you would never know that one of those images was not shot in the same place as the rest. We can also reproduce a headshot done by someone else. This happens a lot when the “home office” has a particular style they need from the satellite offices.

Another convenience is time. When my client showed up for her Palm harbor headshots it was in the 50’s so I worked fast to get what she needed and get her back to work. This image took less than 5 minutes to produce because I was all set up and ready for her when she arrived.

Palm Harbor Headshots

I did the session at 9a.m., delivered the retouched file before noon and the website was updated before the end of the day. That’s one more thing they can check off their list quickly!

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Lutz Headshots

I live in Lutz, which is a small town just north of Tampa. You know how it is with small towns around big cities: the big city expands to the point where you can’t tell where the big city ends and the small town begins. If you drive up Dale Mabry Hwy you’ll drive through a couple of small towns and not even know it. Lutz is one of those little towns, no police force, no town hall (I think?).

Because I live here and my home studio is listed as my business address, I show up in searches for local businesses on the map. I’ll be honest, I don’t get as many calls for Lutz headshots as I would like. I sometimes think that small businesses in small towns don’t realize the importance of good headshots. It’s more important than ever because you want to look professional no matter where you are.

lutz headshots

Armstrong Forensic Engineers is local to Lutz and I recently did their headshots. I did everything on location, right in the foyer of their offices (they’re located in one of those office parks we have everywhere here that look like a collection of co-op homes). The whole think took about an hour and now they have great professional portraits for their website, email, business cards and anything else they need. They are really on the ball because they haven’t even built their website yet but they have the pieces they need to make it professional and sharp.

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Headshots on location in Tampa

There was a time when you had to go to a Tampa photographer’s studio to get a good professional headshot. Now, with the advanced equipment that we possess, you can get portraits done in your office that rival the best studio stuff in the past AND get some more “modern” head shots as well.

Let’s take a look at 4 ways that we can do your headshots

Classic headshot on location

This is the office of a law firm in downtown Tampa. we came in, set up, shot and was gone in under 2 hours. We photographed 5 lawyers in both classic style and modern/environmental as well as group portraits of them all together. The actual people only took about 20 minutes out of their day to get it done. 20 minutes! Imagine having to only spend 20 minutes to get your headshots done and never having to leave your office!

Headshot Photographer Tampabay

2. Modern Headshot on Location

After photographing each person in the office, we went to the lobby for another round. This is what we call a “modern” style (or “environmental”) because it doesn’t use a backdrop.

Headshot photographer tampa 2

You’ll notice that we shoot everything in landscape orientation (horizontal). The reason we do this is that it produces an image that can be used a variety of ways:

tampa headshot photographer 5

The image above looks great when viewed on a phone because it will cover the top of the page. The same image can be cropped to produce a classic portrait orientation for business cards or email tags:

Headshot photographer tampa 4

It’s simply versatile!

We also did a group shot:

headshot photographer tampa 3

3. Classic Headshot in Studio

Sometimes it’s just easier to come to the studio. When you have a whole office that needs headshots, it’s usually best to have us come to you so that everyone doesn’t have to leave work. But, when it’s just one or two people it’s often easier to just come to us (also cheaper! Contact us for rates!) and we can do it in-house.

We shot an office a few months ago and now new employees just stop by the studio for their headshot. 

headshot tampa photography

… but here’s the cool part. When we did this office, we also did environmental portraits of everyone:

headshot tampa photography 3

… but that doesn’t mean we have to go to your building to get you a picture that matches. We can still do it in studio and then composite the background to match like this:

headshot tampa photography 2

You would never know that he was photographed 6 months later in our studio and not in the lobby of the building on the same day as the others. Cool, right?!

The bottom line is that there isn’t anything we can’t do. If you need a quality, professional headshot, we can make it happen. 

Executive Portraits and Head Shots. Why Are They Important?

What is an Executive Portrait?

In simple terms, an executive portrait is just a head shot. The term, “Executive Portrait” starting showing up a few years ago as a way to distinguish a portrait shot for work from the images that professional models and actors have to have. It also makes it sound a little more “classy” because “portrait” is just a better word than “headshot.” However, most professional photographers would say that an executive portrait should also have a certain level of quality to set itself apart from a simple snapshot. A picture that you take in the driveway with your phone could be called a headshot but no good photographer would call it a portrait. A portrait usually means controlled lighting, posing, composition in such a way as to make the image look like something above the ordinary. Professional.

Do I need an Executive Portrait?

The short answer is “yes.” No matter who you are or what you do, everyone should have at least one really good, professional image of themselves. When you consider all the places where we are required to upload a picture from social media to websites, email accounts, security situations… it just makes sense to have at least one really good portrait of yourself that you can use everywhere.

How do I find a good Executive Portrait Photographer?

The first thing to do is look at the work. Look at the website and see the samples. What you want to look for is quality and approach-ability. In other words, the pictures need to look professional while at the same time making the people look friendly and approachable. This is key. Your head shot should not scare people away. When people see your picture they should think, “I’d have lunch with that person.” Your head shot is your first impression… it’s your opening remarks… it’s your handshake. Make sure you have the right photographer for the job. Money is always a factor but you’ll find¬† that the price difference between the barely capable and the very good is not that great. Spend a little extra and get something that will be great and get used for years to come.

See for Yourself

This is Integrated Care Physicians and we did most of the images on the page. (ours are the ones without the solid background).

Below are just a few random samples from different jobs. One is outdoors, one is indoors with a background and the last one is indoors without a background.

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executive portrait tampa executive portrait tampaexecutive portrait tampa