Headshots on location in Tampa

There was a time when you had to go to a Tampa photographer’s studio to get a good professional headshot. Now, with the advanced equipment that we possess, you can get portraits done in your office that rival the best studio stuff in the past AND get some more “modern” head shots as well.

Let’s take a look at 4 ways that we can do your headshots

Classic headshot on location

This is the office of a law firm in downtown Tampa. we came in, set up, shot and was gone in under 2 hours. We photographed 5 lawyers in both classic style and modern/environmental as well as group portraits of them all together. The actual people only took about 20 minutes out of their day to get it done. 20 minutes! Imagine having to only spend 20 minutes to get your headshots done and never having to leave your office!

Headshot Photographer Tampabay

2. Modern Headshot on Location

After photographing each person in the office, we went to the lobby for another round. This is what we call a “modern” style (or “environmental”) because it doesn’t use a backdrop.

Headshot photographer tampa 2

You’ll notice that we shoot everything in landscape orientation (horizontal). The reason we do this is that it produces an image that can be used a variety of ways:

tampa headshot photographer 5

The image above looks great when viewed on a phone because it will cover the top of the page. The same image can be cropped to produce a classic portrait orientation for business cards or email tags:

Headshot photographer tampa 4

It’s simply versatile!

We also did a group shot:

headshot photographer tampa 3

3. Classic Headshot in Studio

Sometimes it’s just easier to come to the studio. When you have a whole office that needs headshots, it’s usually best to have us come to you so that everyone doesn’t have to leave work. But, when it’s just one or two people it’s often easier to just come to us (also cheaper! Contact us for rates!) and we can do it in-house.

We shot an office a few months ago and now new employees just stop by the studio for their headshot. 

headshot tampa photography

… but here’s the cool part. When we did this office, we also did environmental portraits of everyone:

headshot tampa photography 3

… but that doesn’t mean we have to go to your building to get you a picture that matches. We can still do it in studio and then composite the background to match like this:

headshot tampa photography 2

You would never know that he was photographed 6 months later in our studio and not in the lobby of the building on the same day as the others. Cool, right?!

The bottom line is that there isn’t anything we can’t do. If you need a quality, professional headshot, we can make it happen.