What is an Executive Portrait?

In simple terms, an executive portrait is just a head shot. The term, “Executive Portrait” starting showing up a few years ago as a way to distinguish a portrait shot for work from the images that professional models and actors have to have. It also makes it sound a little more “classy” because “portrait” is just a better word than “headshot.” However, most professional photographers would say that an executive portrait should also have a certain level of quality to set itself apart from a simple snapshot. A picture that you take in the driveway with your phone could be called a headshot but no good photographer would call it a portrait. A portrait usually means controlled lighting, posing, composition in such a way as to make the image look like something above the ordinary. Professional.

Do I need an Executive Portrait?

The short answer is “yes.” No matter who you are or what you do, everyone should have at least one really good, professional image of themselves. When you consider all the places where we are required to upload a picture from social media to websites, email accounts, security situations… it just makes sense to have at least one really good portrait of yourself that you can use everywhere.

How do I find a good Executive Portrait Photographer?

The first thing to do is look at the work. Look at the website and see the samples. What you want to look for is quality and approach-ability. In other words, the pictures need to look professional while at the same time making the people look friendly and approachable. This is key. Your head shot should not scare people away. When people see your picture they should think, “I’d have lunch with that person.” Your head shot is your first impression… it’s your opening remarks… it’s your handshake. Make sure you have the right photographer for the job. Money is always a factor but you’ll find¬† that the price difference between the barely capable and the very good is not that great. Spend a little extra and get something that will be great and get used for years to come.

See for Yourself

This is Integrated Care Physicians and we did most of the images on the page. (ours are the ones without the solid background).

Below are just a few random samples from different jobs. One is outdoors, one is indoors with a background and the last one is indoors without a background.

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